Thursday, December 24, 2015

[REL] Xmas Releases

Merry Christmas guys, Here's a small special weapon pack for xmas xD
Enjoy !  wish y'all have a great day with friends and family !

-Good quality model
-Good texture model
-Custom skins
-Custom icons

Enjoy ! Stay safe.

*Link is updated !, sorry for the m4 bug 

Here are some custom weapon skins i've made.

1. Lagximas Weapon Pack.
Requested by my friend Maximus.

2. AWP Rockin n killin
Special for totov4e.

3. Darkblood weapon pack
Complete pro weapon pack
Special version for my friend Carl :D

These mods are Private. if u want to request gun skins. 
How to Request and pricing:

How to request? Pm me on

Pro weapon pack :
-SAMP MW3 Server cash $500.000
$2 payment via paypal

Single weapon (Just deagle, etc)
-SAMP MW3 Server cash $200.000
1$ Payment via paypal.

-Good quality model
-Good quality textures
-Custom icons
-1 Bonus Paintjob

MH-9 Hummingbird Recon from Arma 3
-4 Seats
-Good quality model
-Good quality texture
-Replaces maverick
-Custom collision
Any bugs? PM Me
You can sit on the panels beside the heli.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

VXA-17 Agilehawk is a VTOL Multirole Fighter jet. using forward swept wing to increase maneuverability. Base model : F-35

Inspired from Black Eagle from Command and conquer Red Alert 2

-Own collision
-90% (Mod set to private)
-Custom loadouts (Not showed)

MP 970 !
-Good quality 
-From deadpool
-Replace micro_uzi 
-More about editing and republishing are in the readme file.

UMP from Metro conflict

Custom skin
Good quality
2 Versions included
(Folded and unfolded)
Replaces mp5lng and tec9.

M4 Scorcher Self propelled artillery from Arma 3 

-HD model 
-HD texture 
-Working Tracks (Thx skyline) 
-Custom Collision.

IFV-6c Panther tracked IFV from Arma 3 

-Working lights 
-Good quality model/texture 
-Working Tracks. 
-Custom Collision

Just VH-08 Aethon with National Office Of Security Enforcement (N.O.O.S.E) Paintjob livery

Inspired by Annihilator helicopter in GTA IV/GTA V
The paintjob is similar to Homeland Security's Blackhawk.
Working on a gunship version of it.
Named it VH-69 Cuz GTA's popular number is 69 xD

Iif you dont know what aethon im talking about, its this One