Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tactical Pickup from Call of duty advance warfare


-HD Model 
-HD Texture (Locked) 
-Custom collision 
-4 seats 
-Custom Specular 
-Adapted to ImVehFt!

More COD AW mods coming soon !

Hover bike from Call of duty Advanced Warfare 
credits to Activision 

-Good quality model 
-Good quality texture 
-Custom collisions 
-Really hover

She was trained as a secret agent of PLF and attempted to infiltrate into the PLF. At first, she approached them by pretending to be a cooperator of PLF from the FBI.
as requested

-Good model
-Good texture
-Less bug

Sunday, March 6, 2016

[REL]CSO2 Skins and weapons + Update

Just another render of my Aethon project. did some changes, edited the tail, removed skids and added retractable gears.
"Aethon" from the ancient greek word aithôn means "burning", "blazing" or "shining." 
The eagle who tormented Prometheus, Aethon was the child of the Typhon and Echidna.
VH-08 Aethon is a light ducted fan utility craft designed by me, inspired by SA-2 Samson from Avatar.


Enjoy !

707 from CSO2 .
The 707th Special Mission Battalion (korean: 707특수임무대대) or 707 is a Counter-Terrorist faction in Counter-Strike Online.
The 707 Special Mission Battalion, first formed with 120 soldiers in 1982, has been enhancing its reputation internationally. Forces including Germany’s GSG-9 and USA’s Delta force train with 707 troops. Only elite soldiers highly skilled in shooting, airborne, rappelling or martial arts can join the 'White Tigers'.

-Good 3d model
-good texture
-Less bugs
-2 Version (Mask and without)

The GIGN or National Gendarmerie Intervention Group s a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces. It is part of the National Gendarmerie and is trained to perform counter-terrorist and hostage rescue missions in France or anywhere else in the world. it was formed in 1973. On 1 September 2007
-Nice model
-Nice textures
-4 Versions (Masked, no mask, visor up and down)
-Less bugs

SAS from CSO2
Special Air Service or known as SAS is a special force unit of the british army 

it was founded in 1941 

-Good quality model 
-Good quality texture 
-Less bugs 

Next : AA12 and/or Yuri from CSO2


The SCAR-20 is a variant of SCAR-H Battle rifle. it's made in belgium chambered with 20 rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO. with 240 RPM Rate of fire, weighing 5.05 kg when loaded. single projectile weighed 4g. its converted from CS:GO. 

-Custom icons 
-Suppressed versions included 
-Folded butt stocks included 
-2 Kinds of butt stocks included 
-Good quality model 
-Good quality CSGO Texture

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