Sunday, March 27, 2016

[REL]Advanced Warfare mods and Ana from Metro conflict

Tactical Pickup from Call of duty advance warfare


-HD Model 
-HD Texture (Locked) 
-Custom collision 
-4 seats 
-Custom Specular 
-Adapted to ImVehFt!

More COD AW mods coming soon !

Hover bike from Call of duty Advanced Warfare 
credits to Activision 

-Good quality model 
-Good quality texture 
-Custom collisions 
-Really hover

She was trained as a secret agent of PLF and attempted to infiltrate into the PLF. At first, she approached them by pretending to be a cooperator of PLF from the FBI.
as requested

-Good model
-Good texture
-Less bug

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  1. Awesome work on the models, Vindicator; Ana looks beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing them.