Monday, June 25, 2018

SA_DirectX 2.0 Preview Trailer. Next Gen Graphic Mod

I was amazed on how good this mod is, so i thought, why dont i make a video about it? so here it is

SA_DirectX 2.0 By Makarus
SA_DirectX is a graphic enhancement tool for Grand Theft Auto.

Song name :  C'mon And Try by Mellowdrone


Download :

Other mods used:
-INSANITY Vegetation by Ezekiel
-INSANITY Grove Street by Ezekiel
-Cars by Automan
-HRT 1.4 by Flame
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Friday, January 19, 2018

[REL]Assassin from Ravaged

Finally back from inactivity !, the reason i was inactive because i was busy with some real life stuff, getting some shit together. now i guess i have some free time.

today i bring you the assassin from Ravaged 

-Mid quality model
-Detailed texture
-DK22's normalmap plugin adapted
-2 Versions included (Punk and regular hair)

added regular hair because i dont really like the punk one

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