Friday, November 13, 2015

M2A1 Slammer Tank from ARMA 3 
first tank !

Features : 

-HD Texture 

-Detailed Model 

-Working Tracks 

Thanks SkylineGTRFreak for the Moving tracks script 

I'm currently working on a MLRS Version of this tank. 

If you found any bugs please report to me. 


MSBS Rifle

-Hd model and texture
-Less bugs
-Model fits

VH-08 Aethon
"Aethon" from the ancient greek word aithôn means "burning", "blazing" or "shining." 
The eagle who tormented Prometheus, Aethon was the child of the Typhon and Echidna.
VH-08 Aethon is a light ducted fan utility craft designed by me, inspired by SA-2 Samson from Avatar. Here is the Mysterious Helicopter i've been working on xd
There will be so many variants of it, like Gunship version, Medic version, etc.
and i'm working on another 3 helicopters which has the similar design, sky crane, heavy transport, and a gunship.

1st Test screenshots.

Working on few versions of it, and i'm working on a fictional gunship and a dropship. with similar designs. Stay tuned !

SOWSAR Type G Assault Rifle
Two variants included
Fit well
Less bugs
HD scifi shit
HD Texture

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Komatsu LAV 4x4 From Mercenaries world in flames 

2 Versions included, one armed with Vulcan Gatling Gun, and one is without the gun (As requested by Claudio) 

Next one will be the slammer tank or some guns


So yeah i forgot to release this xD sorry

Cyberpunk 2077 Rifle 
From Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer 
Credits to EvgeniV 
2 Versions included 
Army skin and Police skin. 

-Low Poly 
-Medium size textur
-Fits hand
-HD scifi shit

Pain 50 Caliber Pistol 

-Medium quality model and texture. 

-SA-MP and SP Compatible 

-About uploading/editing is in the readme file.

Another concept !

Fictional weapon, base model = G36C
Using Railgun technology, faster= deadlier.

Battery Info : 
Volts : 9.9 V
Capacity : 3000 mAH
Charge Current = 12 A

Using Rail Accelerator Sabot rounds.

Planned on making it as GTA SA mod.

Here's the gunship i've been workin on xD.
Named after a mythological bird. It was "rather small, yet larger than an eagle" and lived near the Hydaspes and the Indus, workin on a dropship version of it. btw the aethon is ready, just need some new skins :D
-Own collision
-The glass somehow not transparent in 3ds max. its actually transparent
Custom cockpit