Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[REL]Komatsu LAV 4x4 and some guns + WIP shots

Komatsu LAV 4x4 From Mercenaries world in flames 

2 Versions included, one armed with Vulcan Gatling Gun, and one is without the gun (As requested by Claudio) 

Next one will be the slammer tank or some guns


So yeah i forgot to release this xD sorry

Cyberpunk 2077 Rifle 
From Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer 
Credits to EvgeniV 
2 Versions included 
Army skin and Police skin. 

-Low Poly 
-Medium size textur
-Fits hand
-HD scifi shit

Pain 50 Caliber Pistol 

-Medium quality model and texture. 

-SA-MP and SP Compatible 

-About uploading/editing is in the readme file.

Another concept !

Fictional weapon, base model = G36C
Using Railgun technology, faster= deadlier.

Battery Info : 
Volts : 9.9 V
Capacity : 3000 mAH
Charge Current = 12 A

Using Rail Accelerator Sabot rounds.

Planned on making it as GTA SA mod.

Here's the gunship i've been workin on xD.
Named after a mythological bird. It was "rather small, yet larger than an eagle" and lived near the Hydaspes and the Indus, workin on a dropship version of it. btw the aethon is ready, just need some new skins :D
-Own collision
-The glass somehow not transparent in 3ds max. its actually transparent
Custom cockpit