Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or treat !
Happy Halloween guys, here's a weapon pack special for halloween.
sorry for the bad render tho.

-Meat cleaver
-Kitchen knife
-Two deagles (Nicknamed heaven and hell)

Archer Gun Truck from Mercenaries : World In Flames
This is the first vehicle mod i've ever made. sorry if its not hd, has some bugs and not compatible with ImVehFt

So, whats up guys, wish yall safe, i've been working on some logo and wallpaper designs for this blog so here's the new logo :

Simple, crisp, futuristic and cool. Inspired by Atlas Corporation logo.
Here's the banner

There will be a wallpaper pack, but it's not done yet.

And, i've been working on some cool aircrafts (Pics soon) and some weapons Here's a snap

Well, there are more but i need to retouch them a little bit.

And another good news, i've got a copy of Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 (Suck it up haters!)
and i will port some ped models (Yay) but i need to learn how 3ds works and how to port them, so keep in touch !


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