Thursday, April 27, 2017

Official Call Of Duty : WARGROUND Trailer

This is a Team DeathMatch server. You can act as a soldier to fight against your team's enemies. There are several teams available for which you can choose to play on, along with classes that have its own abilities of which you can choose upon reaching the required rank to choose a specfic class. You can do certain tasks to earn score, money, and EXP such as capturing zones, stealing zone flags, and many more tasks. superweapons are available to help you to finish your tasks.


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[DSS] Call of Duty - Warground

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

[REL]CSGO Desert Eagle skins pack

CSGO Desert Eagle Pack with StatTrak, Normalmap and reflection by VindiCaToR 

-The skins creators. 

Desert Eagle Conspiracy 
Desert Eagle Corinthian 
Desert Eagle Corroden 
Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon 
Desert Eagle Naga 
Desert Eagle Pilot 
Desert Eagle Mecha Industries 

Use Dk22pac's Normalmap plugin to activate the normalmap and reflection. 

The mod will work with or without the normalmap plugin. 

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