Sunday, February 14, 2016

[REL]Valentine's day releases ( With special skin )

Eva Maria Vorel known as First Lieutenant Eva, is an EU intelligence officer on Alliance of valiant arms
Features :
-Good quality model
-Good quality textures

Known bug :
-small bug on back side of the neck.

Enjoy ! and happy Valentine's day :D

TAC-300 aka the "American Sniper" rifle is a weapon designed for long range scenes. it includes a detachable bipod. used by US navy SEAL, the Legend Chris Kyle (1974-2013 RIP) With Record setting 160 confirmed kills. 
Calibers : .300 Win Mag
Converted from MOH-W
As Requested

he McMillan CS5 (Concealable Subsonic/Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System) is a bolt action Sniper Rifle. Manufactured by McMillan Firearms. It is designed as a compact and concealable precision tactical rifle in urban and tactical settings. It is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. it has Detachable bipod and Anschütte® Trigger.

WIP Custom Star wars like Helmet

Made this long time ago, but i haven't tested it.

 and i dont think i can do that M4 Commando request for Nico because the author of that mod didnt allow me to edit :/

M249 Light Machine Gun

M249 Light Machine Gun is the American adaptation of Belgian FN Minimi. it has quick change barrel . a folding bipod is attached near the front of the gun. it can be fed with both linked ammunition and a STANAG Magazine. 

P.S To PotatoKing, the model link you provided has VPK model file, and unfortunately i don't know how to extract models from VPK file and i cant find the right app to extract files from a VPK file.
so i got one converted from CS:GO. enjoy ! 

[REL]M26MASS + Animation 
as requested.

Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS) is an under-barrel shotgun attachment for the M16/M4 AR family. It can also be fitted with a pistol grip and collapsible stock to act as a stand-alone weapon. This is the standalone version. maybe i'll make an M4 with this attachment.

-Good quality model
-Good quality textures
-Custom icon
-Custom animation


  1. Awesome character, A.V.A. ladies look really great. Thank you for sharing your work.

    And a little delayed "Happy Valentine's day" as well.

  2. Thanks bro ! you too, sorry for late reply. i'm kinda busy right now :D