Monday, July 25, 2016


SCAR-LK is an Assault rifle which looks like an XM9 Rifle manufactured and designed by Likon Arms. This model is based off of the SCAR from Crysis It uses 5.56 ammo.

-HQ Model
-HQ Texture
-Weapon fits on hands
-Bonus 4 Skins

Credits to Likon for making the model.

The AKS-74U short assault rifle (the "U" suffix means"Ukorochennyj" in Russian = "Shortened" in English) has been developed in the late 1970s from the  AKS-74 assault rifle. This compact weapon was made as a personal defense weapon for tank, helicopter and other vehicle crews,and for the special operations forces.

-HQ Model
-HQ Texture
-Weapon fits on hand
-Custom icon
-Feel free to reskin

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Enjoy !