Thursday, October 27, 2016

A new high quality weapons pack will be coming to celebrate this year's halloween !
There will be 10 Weapons inside that pack !! 
The pack will be released on 27/10/2016 OR 28/10/2016.

And here are some weapon requests.

Saiga -12

Imagine an AK-47 limited to semi-automatic fire with a rebuilt chamber to house shotgun shells and you have this automatic shotgun. Extremely powerful at short range it loses accuracy at longer ranges.

IMI Galil

The experience, gained by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during the Six-days war of 1967, showed the deficiencies of the FN FAL rifles, which were the main armament of the IDF infantry.

-HQ Mode
-HQ Texture
-Custom icon
-Model fits perfectly in hands.
-Suppressed version included
-Camo version included


  1. Replies
    1. Links added for the saiga and galil. Halloween weps pack coming soon