Monday, December 26, 2016

Call Of Duty - Warground 1.0 BETA 1 (First release) SAMP Server

We are happy to announce that our first server Call Of Duty - Warground has been launched today as a BETA version and is on hosted tab as well.
However, it might take a while for players to gather around, you are now able to join and play!
Server info:
HostName: The Soldier's Creed - Revolution [BETA]
Address: or
Version: 1.0 BETA 1 (First release)
For further details, visit our website at:


  1. The server seems buggy, I killed a guy (the system said HEADSHOT, his name on the table xD) but he is still alive, running around ._. , btw , It's a good server.

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