Friday, February 24, 2017


A friend of mine recorded this, and he reported this guy Nemesis in MW3 Forums, and guess what? he got forum banned and the topic got deleted. it created an outrage in my clan's whatsapp group. This is unfair !. so i told my friends on facebook they were laughing and one of them decided to post another report on MW3 Forums and of course, he got forum banned and his topic got deleted, luckily i got some screenshots of his post before it got deleted. Last time i played there (was in 2016, i forgot) a Manager got caught using wallhack. seriously what is wrong with this community.  You can delete their posts but you can't delete this :D

Original : 

Thanks to Jarell and Mastro (Afrolex) for the help.

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  1. man I saw this last night, I feel sorry for the players now. they can't report the cheating managament because all of their hardwork will be like "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE"...