Wednesday, June 21, 2017

[REL]Volk Energy Assault Rifle

Full-auto energy rifle. Deploys a best-in-class stopping power at a low, dependable fire rate. 
The Volk (referred to as AKE in the game files) is an energy assault rifle in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It boasts the best damage of all the assault rifles, but it possesses a less-than-stellar cyclic fire rate. The Volk seems to be made out of spare parts of the AK-47, with wires, batteries, an energy muzzle and a polymer stock being attached to the weapon, while the wooden handguard and pistol grip and profile remain the same.

-HQ Model
-HQ Texture
-Normalmap plugin adapted.
-Fit in hands.

Model from cod infinite warfare
-Infinity Ward
-E3245 for ripping them.

Converted to SA by VindiCaToR 


  1. Hermoso Hermoso, mil gracias, siempre había querido uno así :3 eres el mejor.
    Saludos desde Colombia

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