Wednesday, July 5, 2017

[REL]Pindad SS2-V2

Pindad SS2-V2

The SS2 (short for Indonesian: Senapan Serbu 2, "Assault Rifle 2") is a replacement for the Pindad SS1 created by PT Pindad. It had been seen during the ASEAN Army Rifles contest by foreign media in 2006 aside from exposure by local Indonesian media. 

-HQ Model 
-HQ texture 
-Normalmap adapted 
-Fits well in hands. 

Base model from Point Blank 
Carry Handle by tigg 
Edited, tweaked and converted by VindiCaToR 

Enjoy ! 
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  1. Hello Vindicator can you tell me where can i meet you in SAMP i am bored i don't know where can i play and i just need to get some friends, i am DMer so i haven't friends :D and btw nice mod i love it it's good.