Saturday, August 8, 2015

DELTA Force & Sub-Divisions Clan

1st Special Forces Detachment DELTA 

Popularly known as DELTA or DELTA FORCE is the oldest clan of the CODE5 Community that is still alive and that has never closed during the years (2009-2015). with a great history of 6 years of excellence and glory. where the clan won 2 Tournaments and got 2 times the 2nd position on them.
The history of DELTA has been composed by great and memorable members of the community. here we gather not only the best players of the community but the best souls too, we give many importance to the values, respect, team work and sacrifice.
The clan is composed by 2 Sub- Divisions where the members are trained depending on their specialization.

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SWC (Special Warfare Command)
HAWX (High Altitude Warfare Experimental Squadron)

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-Whither duty and glory lead-
DELTA Force 2015
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