Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mods releases 8/13/15 and some news

 Ford Crown Victoria Ultrastunting Police Cruiser
Compatible with ELM
Enjoy ! :D
By the way, Ultrastunting server is up. IP :

AUG A3 VTech,
Weapon from point blank, reskinned by me.
3 Skins.
Next = L115A1 VTech

Ultrastunting old host is closing down, so owners decided to move it to their VPS.
New ip :

Donation information :

Donations received will go towards server & website costs, which will allow the server to continue in the future. Donators will receive 'Donators Status' on the server's forums and special rewards on the server which include,

- Speed boost
- Jump boost
- Super brakes
- MyText (Attach a 3d text above your head)
- Jetpack (Spawn Yourself a Jetpack)
- Rainbow (Automatic vehicle colour change)
- Donators Chat (/dc)
- Donator island (/di)
- $1mil Ingame Cash
- Chatcolor (Ability To Change Your Chat Text Color Up To 10 Different Colors)

The minimum donation amount is 10 Euros, If still donate less than that but you wont receive a donating status and the rewards if you do.

By donating you agree to our terms and conditions,

- Donating does not entitle you to any special treatment from admin's or other players, you can still be banned/kicked for not following the rules.
- Donations will not be refunded under any circumstances.
- Financial statements & information about server costs ect... will not be made public.
Click this for more information